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Several family members are heavy into writing. Beth Blair (our daughter) is the most prolific, with websites, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, and a book on travel writing. Matt surprised his family with the announcement that he had just published two (now three, with more on the way) children's books aimed at preschoolers like our grandaughter, Lindsey (otherwise know as Matt and Kelly's daughter). 

My writing ranges from scientific to religious, and sometimes in-between. 

Find here Pilger & Co. Books:



Geokinematics: Prelude to Geodynamics 

by Rex Pilger

2003 Hardcover

2010 Paperback

2010 Kindle  

(Warning: sticker-shock!)


Break Into Travel Writing: A Teach Yourself Creative Writing Guide 
by Beth [née Pilger] Blair 


Every Man a Deacon?  

By Rex Pilger

2014 Paperback

2014 Kindle



Lindsey's Window 

by Matt Pilger

2015 Kindle
2015 Paperback




Lindsey's Window - Autumn

by Matt Pilger

2015 Kindle

2015 Paperback 


Lindsey's Window - Spring

by Matt Pilger

2015 Kindle

2015 Paperback


Mr. Clean

by Rita Pilger

in Chicken Soup for the Mothers of Preschooler's Soul 

2008 Library Binding

2006 Paperback 

2012 Kindle


Then there is Beth's own website; it links to many of her published articles and demonstrates her photographic talents, as well.
Beth also contributes to a very popular web destination she shares with other travel writers: The Vacation Gals.
Rita offers some charming stories about a wide variety of topics on Roaming Rita. One of her most popular posts is about runaway truck ramps.
Rita and I share a blog with most posts from a few years ago. 
I have several other blogs with intermittent posts ranging from plate tectonics to fractals to deacons